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this is so ridiculous

nick was the one who started the conversation about the breakup, saying he didn’t like the way it was going

nick is pretty much the one who leads the band and their songs and the whole cd making process. when they were writing the songs and recording them he didn’t think the direction they were going wasn’t right? he just thought that all of a sudden? like oh wait guys pom poms is shit and first time didn’t succeed so hasta luego bitches

and now he’s going to record on his own????

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What annoys me the most is how disrespectful it all was, creating such expectations about a new album and then leading the fans on with those tweets after the break up rumours… Many fans waited for them for years and purchased concert tickets even before hearing the new album. They could have had a little more consideration.

They should have said it right away tbh.

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This is all fucking bullshit. Like they’ve known this decision for the longest and they’ve seen and heard all the things we’ve said and they STILL did it. Also they know Nick and Joe’s tweets gave us some hope but it’s all foolish immature games. Not only that but they basically took V away from us after taunting and teasing us about it and even started joking about “soon” with us. This whole thing isn’t all of the sudden. They’ve known this probably even before the summer tour but they still played with us like we were toys. They make me feel like I wasted 8 years of my life just so things could end this way. I wouldn’t be so pissed off if they grew actual balls and apologize to us like the men they supposedly are and not keep stuff away from us and only talk to magazines and not the people that actually CARE. I literally want to go up to them and say “fuck you” bc that’s basically what they did with us. Don’t get me wrong, I am pretty pissed off at them. This is the first time I’ve genuinely been pissed off at them but I still love them no matter what and they mean a lot to me and they helped me become the person I am now because they were a huge influence all through my teenage years (since I’m becoming 20 tomorrow) but I just wish they handled this shit better. They know they did wrong and the wrongness went very deep which makes me believe they probably won’t talk to us directly ever. Imma be very surprised if they do release a public apology through twitter/facebook/official website.

I’m not as obsessed as i used to be but i agree with everything she said. they really could have thought a bit more about his fans who waited for ages for the comeback and anxiously for the new album/tour.

It is their decision and their lives, but I really hope they make a video or write something somewhere announcing the decision personally instead of doing it through a magazine. it really is the least they can do after making the fans wait for so long.

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i i don’t know what to say when people compliment me

like thank you?

but then they complement me again

should i say thank you again?

no that’s weird

ugh people should just ignore me completely

but please don’t i’d feel bad

omg everyone is so normal and naturalimage

but then there’s meimage

bitch pleaseimage

so excited about the live chat 8D

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Also I’m sorry I haven’t been updating much (or nothing at all). I was busy with school and as soon as my school break started I came to brazil where I currently am. Sorry :3

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hey guys! :3

i’m going to new york tomorrow so i want to wish you all an amazing end of 2012 and a great beginning of the new year c:

happy new year to all of you! have some cake to celebrate.

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I’d literally piss myself and never use the elevator again