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Anonymous :"What happened to oceanshore????"


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Anonymous :"who broke up??"

The Jonas Brothers

Anonymous :"I swear joe didn't have hair last week"

omg i know! i thought the exact same thing when those candids came out. i initially thought they were old tbh

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Anonymous :"who's the girl that nick is with?"

She’s Olivia Culpo :D

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Anonymous :"Why are so many people asking you about Joe and his girlfriends? Why are people focusing on his past relationships when he has a current happy one? That is what I want to know."

Oh I mentioned Camilla in an answer and it started from there haha

But you’re right, he’s happy at the moment and that’s what we should focus on!

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Anonymous :"If i send you an ask can you answer privatly?"

Of course! :) I answer pretty much everything privately haha

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Anonymous :"Joe and blanda are perfect and he is SO happy. Idk how people can hate on that. Y'all need to stop and let the guy love."

I understand what you mean, I feel that way now too but two years ago I really didn’t care whether he was happy or not, I just wanted him away from everyone and with me. It’s just a phase, it’s part of being a fangirl haha It’s that jealousy, you just want to be her so you can be with him (even though back then I was completely convinced it wasn’t jealousy)

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Anonymous :"Am I the only one who hates Blanda? I mean... she's with Joe :("

I don’t hate her but I’m sure you’re not the only one. I’ve seen many posts against her, but he’s happy with her and it’s good for him to have someone who makes him feel that way! And she seems down to earth which might be a good change for him, considering his past girlfriends (even though I still have Camilla as my life time otp haha).

I went through a phase in which I hated every person who got near him because I thought I should be the one, so I understand how you feel but don’t worry, he knows what he does! :) And he’s happy! Don’t worry.

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Anonymous :"whats your fav sites about jobros? and for find pictures? help me"

There are fandom facebooks that update a lot of candids, so that’s a good source! Just search Joe Jonas and see which pages come up.

As in for editing, I love JustJared. A lot of people don’t but I really like it because most of the time the photos are quite big. You can also check nickjonline, I used to go there all the time! There was also another website that had a ‘high quality’ category, but I can’t remember it right now, so I’ll add it later!

Oh and Flickr, I used to go there for concert photos (make sure you credit the owner though!)

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Anonymous :"do you know if joe's still with blanda?"

i have no idea haha

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